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This site has western and winter scenes, the Stampede, South America, Latin America, travel, Okotoks, deer, and many old restored photos
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This RedBubble site has many of my best works from Canada and Ecuador, and T-Shirts
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This site has many older works, lovely ladies, rodeo, hockey, the Rockies, horses, deer and travel
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Like the name says, this site has photos from our European tour to England, France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy
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Here you will find many photos from the Bar U Ranch, Percherons, horses, travel and golf

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This site has many different photos available for sale in about 150 different formats.  Notify us if you like any of our photos anywhere, in any of the available formats, and we will make it happen for you.

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There is MUCH MORE to see at these sites.
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At summit of Cojitambo

Here I am at the summit of Cojitambo in the Andes


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